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Operator liability insurance

If you operate a PV system and feed power into a public grid, you are regarded as a business enterprise.

As with every entrepreneurial activity, you are liable for all losses incurred by third parties as a result of your activities. As a general rule, you bear the risk if parts of the system fall off or are flung about. You are then liable for damage inflicted upon rented roofs, houses and the land on which the system is installed. As the operator, you are also liable for any damage caused by feeding power into a public grid.

As such activities are regarded as being self-employed and independent, operator liability insurance is more or less essential.
Our operator liability insurance offers coverage for:

  • Physical injuries to people and material damage
  • Asset losses
  • Damage caused to rented objects for other reasons
  • Asset losses attributable to supply disturbances (infeed risk)
  • Gradual losses

Any liability claims pursued against you are reviewed. Unjustified claims are warded off and justified claims are satisfied.