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Loss of revenue coverage

Your installation faces numerous hazards; theft, fire, lightning, sabotage, vandalism, storm, hail, overvoltage etc. to name just a few.

The photovoltaic policy covers all such cases of damage. But just imagine that your system is down and cannot generate power until the damage has been rectified. The volume of power fed into the grid drops, your financial look-ahead planning is threatened. In conjunction with an all-risk coverage policy including loss of revenue, our concept recompenses such financial losses

after a case of insured material damage.

  • Liability term of 12 months
  • Time deductible of 2 days
  • No time deductible for systems up to 100 kWp
  • Up to 2.50 Euro per kWp/day
  • On presentation of evidence, higher losses of revenue can also be claimed back

You are recompensed for all imaginable damage and losses, the only exceptions are war, malice aforethought, nuclear power and normal wear & tear.