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Guaranteed revenue insurance

You have commissioned an expert appraisal to forecast the revenue you can reasonably expect to earn from your installation.

As a general rule, you can assume that the forecast is correct. However, various situations can occur that reduce revenue, and less revenue means lower earnings. This can threaten the project's financial planning. Our guaranteed revenue policy recompenses you for remuneration foregone because of the inability to feed power into the grid due to:

  • Less global sunshine
  • Faulty components
  • Exceptional wear & tear to or soiling of the components
  • Internal operating damage to the photovoltaic modules or electronic components

If you run a relatively small PV system, the insurer is also willing to accept estimates gleaned from various internet portals instead of an expert appraisal of expected revenue. Why not talk to us?
You are recompensed for up to 30% of the annual prognosis if the forecast is undershot by more than 10%!