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All-risk insurance

Safeguard your investment with a comprehensive insurance policy

Even though the continued progress of technology has made PV installations ever more reliable, material damage can still not be ruled out. Operators should therefore take out a comprehensive insurance policy which covers all risks, from completion of the installation through to the end of its entire operational life.

Our all-risk coverage, in conjunction with loss of revenue insurance, provides financial recompense after an insured case of damage. Our concept includes coverage for

  • Storm, hail, fire
  • Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions
  • Overvoltage
  • Design errors, material failures
  • Waiver of undercoverage, adequate provision

This insurance coverage is available world-wide, depending on the legal circumstances in individual countries. Our concept provides high first risk sums for expenditure incurred, such as the costs of fire-fighting, clearing up, decontamination and disposal. Our policies also cover equipment and parts, such as fences, cabling, transformers, grid infeed stations and underground cables.