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Employer's indemnity insurance

Claims are pursued against you for damage or losses caused by you or your personnel in the course of the work – is everything insured?

Despite taking the greatest possible care, things can still go wrong; people may be injured or their property damaged and they demand recompense. Further costs are then often incurred, such as injury awards, legal bills, court costs and the costs of appraisals.

And that can be expensive: you are liable under law for losses and damage which you or your workforce inflict on others. In the worse case, you may be personally liable and your private assets are then threatened!

The risks are many and varied – we offer concepts to meet your particular needs!  

  • Coverage sums of up to EUR  5,000,000 per claim for physical injuries, material damage and asset losses.
  • Coverage includes statutory liability involved in commissioning outside firms
  • D & O liability insurance is included in the coverage at no extra premium!
  • Inclusion of extended product liability insurance.
  • Coverage of damage caused to rented property (e.g. to leased premises / buildings) is contained at no extra premium.

Our special concepts are wide-ranging and flexible. They protect you against unforeseeable, insured claims to damages pursued by third parties, they satisfy justified claims, yet also ward off unjustified claims.
You can claim the premiums for employer's indemnity insurance back against tax as operating expenses.