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Transport insurance

To ensure that your property is always properly insured during transport

Your goods are underway to your customer(s) in the safe hands of a carrier. Yet if an event occurs which the carrier cannot avoid, not even given the greatest degree of care, it could happen that you are only partly recompensed for the damage incurred, if at all. The consequences are often disputes which end up in court. Goods transported by sea may not be adequately insured. If goods are damaged whilst being loaded or unloaded and no unambiguous agreement has been made with the carrier for such a case, the carrier may not be liable for any damage.

Transport insurance is one of the oldest types of insurance known and we can offer concepts that leave hardly transport risk uninsured.

  • Accident to the means of conveyance
  • Loading and unloading work
  • Acts of God
  • Storage / intermediate storage
  • Loss of goods as a result of seizure, privation or other sovereign acts

We can naturally offer this insurance coverage over the entire world.
We even offer insurance cover if goods are transported by your own vehicles!