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VBGS bus – active integration

WIASS supports VBGS, a registered society which aims to integrate and include handicapped people in our society.

Handicapped people belong everywhere in our society, including leisure time activities and sport. That is why we arrange events for those with a spirit of adventure, an interest in sport or a sense of curiosity. People with a mental or physical handicap, with and without an immigrant background, with learning difficulties – everyone is welcome.

We want to promote the feeling of social inclusion in our inclusive groups.

PV for AFRICA – commitment that pays off!

PV for AFRICA and its partners support trendsetting photovoltaic projects in Tanzania and make a valuable contribution towards sustainable development.

Our cooperation partner KINDERHILFE TANSANIA inaugurated the Hugo-Mill vocational school in 2009 in Uomboni in the Kilimanjaro region. The subjects taught by the school include electrical training. One aim of this is to promote solar engineering because this can help to significantly improve the quality of life.

The organisation has installed a photovoltaic system on the roof of the school to serve training and demonstration purposes, whilst also supplying electricity to the church and rectory as a welcome "side-effect".

At the same time, a solar home system has been installed to demonstrate that photovoltaic power pays off financially over the long term and can replace expensive kerosene lamps, which make sense neither in economic nor ecological terms.

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